Yuan Fa Shou Shi


Been pronouncing this dish wrongly with Kutu Mayam till I googled about it. It is actually called String Hoppers, or more commonly known as Putu Mayam, a South Indian dish that's great for breakfast. (Or any time you're craving for it)

My mom would buy it back for us when she goes out to buy breakfast for us on Saturday mornings upon our request.

Putu Mayam (70cents/piece)

My mom usually goes to the food centre located at Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 to get our breakfast. So she buys this from Yuan Fa Shou Shi.

I'm not certain about this, but it seems that when you buy this back from the stall, they would only give you the sugar unless you ask them for the grated coconut as well.

I only realised this when I asked my mom for the name of the shop and she called to ask if I wanted the grated coconut as well because she knew I was going to take photos of it. Then it hit me that Putu Mayam have always been served with sugar and coconut when I ate it a few years back but I haven't seen it again after some time.

I dived in after taking photos of it. The combination of Putu Mayam, orange sugar and freshly grated coconut is divine. I tried it only with the sugar and there was only sweetness, it lacked something. Tasting it only with the coconut, it was bland with only a slightly sweet and milky taste.

When you put two with two together? The sweetness of the sugar compliments the milkiness of the coconut to bring the dish up a whole new level. It give the dish its oophm factor. This really is good stuff.

Having said this, I've missed out a lot on the times when I ate it solely with sugar. Doesn't matter, as long as I remember to ask for mr coconut whenever i eat Putu Mayam from now onwards.

My mom tells me that Putu Mayam sells out pretty fast at this stall so be sure to be there before 10am if you want to get some for breakfast.

Yuan Fa Shou Shi
Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Food Centre
162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, #01-21


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